Metronet (UK) is the nation’s fastest growing connectivity provider, delivering industry-leading performance and support. Established in 2003, we have grown at over 33% year on year. With three sites, over 200 staff and a presence in 29 data centres, Metronet (UK) provides a genuinely unique suite of solutions for businesses that need flexibility, scalability and excellence in customer service.

Built from the ground up and optimised exclusively for the needs of businesses using cloud based services and VOIP, Metronet (UK) operates the most advanced hybrid network in the UK. Being independent of any third-party fibre providers allows Metronet (UK) to offer best-in-breed connectivity solutions that can be typically delivered 10 times quicker than traditional fibre and copper based services.

Our Products:

Service That Can’t Be Matched

We have grown to become one of the UK’s most trusted business connectivity providers, delivering service levels that are unrivalled in the telecoms industry. Our proactive 24/7/365 support model is never outsourced and is backed by game-changing SLAs such as a guaranteed 4-hour fix and 99.95% availability. With service levels like that, it’s no wonder that we have customer satisfaction rates of 98%.

Best of all, we can connect your business within 25 days. Once connected, you can scale bandwidth as and when you need to – and because our wireless leased lines are deployed as a dedicated last-mile solution, there’s no contention and bandwidth is never compromised.

Our Network Is Your Network

Because we own our own network and have our own team of expert engineers, we have no dependency on any third-party fibre providers. This means that Metronet (UK) customers have just one point of contact; one provider who wholly owns installation and on-going service needs. We’re with you every step of the way.

Our Ambition

As part of our ongoing buy and build strategy in October 2016 we acquired internet infrastructure company M247. Established in 2000, M247 started off as a web hosting business, but has been growing at a considerable pace. Today the company provides a wide range of solutions including web hosting, network and data security, and 24/365 technical support. The business operates from both Manchester, UK and Bucharest, Romania. Following this acquisition, the Metronet (UK) Group can now offer a combined portfolio of connectivity and content services across the UK and Europe.

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