Protecting What You’ve Worked So Hard For

Our Network Security has been developed to protect your business, guarantee your operations and safeguard your reputation.

From your emails and CRM systems to your intellectual property and process control systems, your business relies on the security of your network. If your network is compromised or disabled, your day-to-day operations could collapse – the nightmare scenario for every business.

Our Network Security services are tried and tested across even the most complex environments. Based on high-availability platforms, they’re designed to work together in almost any combination or as single services – enabling you to meet the precise security requirements of your business, industry or governing body.

Security Services That Help You

  • Create a security strategy for managing risk and compliance.
  • Strengthen network security across multiple sites by combining numerous, separate internet connections into one high-availability solution with a single policy for the entire organisation.
  • Centralise control to simplify operations and improve visibility of network and user behaviours with centralised reporting.
  • Support managing network security with skilled, experienced engineers who are available 24/7 to perform adds/moves/changes – all at no additional cost.
  • Maintain budgets with no unexpected bills for consultancy, licensing or hardware fault replacements – Metronet (UK) Network Security is delivered as a service, with everything required to deliver the solution being covered within a fixed monthly cost. No nasty surprises.
  • The flexibility to upgrade in the future – with clear upgrade paths and commercial flexibility. This means that the capability to grow your business or change your internet use is quite literally built into the system.

Why Trust Us With Your Security?

  • Protect your operations and reputation by cutting off any threats.
  • Safeguard productivity by ensuring your business is not disabled by an attack.
  • Control costs with a fixed-cost managed service that has no hidden surprises.
  • Ensure business efficiency by connecting and protecting everyone – even remote offices and devices.
  • Be ready and able to respond speedily to any imminent attack with our team of technical experts always on hand.

Managed and Co-managed Firewalls

Data security is fundamental to any organisation, and a firewall is a crucial component that provides gateway-level network security. By using predetermined security rules to analyse and control the traffic entering and leaving any network, a Metronet (UK) Managed Firewall delivers performance, flexibility and total peace-of-mind.

  • Hosted, Virtual, Dedicated and On-Site firewall solutions based on tried and tested hardware.
  • Complete UTM (Unified Threat Management) functions, including scanning traffic for viruses, anti-spam, web filtering and intrusion prevention.
  • Our strict SLA ensures that every element of the solution is covered for repairs.
  • Ability to terminate VPN connections for remote offices securely on your firewall device and allow secure remote user access.
  • No hidden charges – the solution is delivered as a fixed-cost managed service.
  • Expert engineers will manage and update your firewall if you need changes or train your staff on how to utilise the platform.
  • Our technical team will work with you to determine the right solution for your business.

Managed DDoS Protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks attempt to flood organisations with high volumes of traffic, leaving them unable to communicate or transact. They are almost always attacks designed to fundamentally impact revenue and productivity. We can protect you.

  • Absorbs traffic spikes and “scrubs” data to pass on only “in profile” data.
  • Continued service when DDoS attempt successfully mitigated.
  • Mitigates multiple vector attacks.
  • Protects websites and customer-facing portals – and ultimately your reputation.
  • Protects uptime and data integrity.
  • Protects remote workers and offices.
  • Protects against ransom demands from anonymous internet sources.
    Our expert engineers will work closely with you to provide expert support during any attempted attack.

Managed Web Filtering

As well as restricting access to specific types of content, web filtering can improve productivity by blocking access to social media and other time-wasting sites during working hours. Functionality includes enabling access for specified users or groups. It can also be a great way to reward staff for good performance.

  • Available as fully-managed or co-managed services, with managed service options ensuring a fixed price and easy total cost of ownership evaluation.
  • Simple web browser management allows you to control who can access specified websites – including social media – and when.
  • Enables you to protect employees, pupils or vulnerable people to whom you have a duty of care.
  • Includes time-of-day or duration-based controls on internet use. Your staff could access social media during their lunch break, for instance.
  • Comprehensive reporting on the browsing habits of employees or other users to fulfil HR and compliance requirements.
  • Multi-layer malware protection to stop threats getting to the desktop.
  • Internet Watch Foundation lists provide bases for protection.
  • Fixed monthly cost per user.
  • Removes the need to purchase expensive content filtering boxes.

Customised policies built around users, content category, location and time of day.

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