As a business, when you wake up to news about the pseudo-separation of BT Group and Openreach, you try to filter the consumer-centric reflections of the big guys to find out what it means for us, the engine of the UK economy. We need more open competition and choice to fulfil the potential of UK businesses, and what matters most on days like today is that our voices are being heard.

Whilst we’re supportive of the direction of Openreach since the appointment of Clive Selley, we can’t see how anything other than the complete independence of Openreach will improve the productivity of businesses in the UK. How can we be sure that investment is finding its way to the right places? Better infrastructure and more engineers, or perhaps more sports rights for BT? I’m sure Clive would want the former, not the latter.

We help businesses overcome the shortcomings of our country’s internet infrastructure every day by connecting them in ways only we can. We want change to empower UK business, not just maintain status quo. I think they should think again, be bolder and have a real divorce, not just a separation.

– Lee Perkins